How exactly to Block internet sites on Bing Chrome on Windows

How exactly to Block internet sites on Bing Chrome on Windows

It’s important to know how to block websites in Chrome on Windows whether it’s to limit distractions during study time or to protect kids from unwanted content. Web site blocking is ways to make sure that harmful, violent, or intimate content doesn’t achieve individuals you don’t desire subjected to it. From the self-discipline viewpoint, it is useful to force you to ultimately get productive work done, as opposed to scrolling through 9GAG all day every day. Continue reading to discover simple tips to repeat this.

1. Block Web Site – Chrome Web Extension

The way that is easiest to block unwelcome internet sites in Chrome is to utilize a Chrome internet expansion. We choose to utilize Block web web Site. It’s simple and easy robust. It allows you to both whitelist and blacklist web sites. In addition it offers you the possibility to block web site URLs that have particular terms ( e.g. violent or intimate terms).

You are able to password protect the extension’s choices web page making it harder to uninstall. Here is the drawback that is main. Also it, you could always just uninstall Chrome if you can’t uninstall. Or make use of a browser that is different for example.


  • Quite easy to setup, virtually an one-click install
  • Robust featureset


  • Chrome it self could be uninstalled
  • You can just work with a browser that is different

This will be an instrument that I’ve written about before. It’s extremely of good use for getting rid of interruptions in order to become more effective. Nevertheless, in addition it has extremely website that is robust capabilities. When you install the application, FocusMe allows you to configure black colored and whitelists for blocking web sites. It is possible to schedule cycles for which to block these websites or simply set it up to limitless. Read more