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Alice in Wonderland Research Papez Mercedes Thornton

Alice in Wonderland Research Papez Mercedes Thornton

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Published on Oct 2, 2015


  • 1. Mercedes Thornton Ms. Kenney English Composition II 22 April 2015 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: a global inspired because of the child mind Many theories surround the story “Alice’s Adventures in wonderland” or “Alice in wonderland” for short. The author and the story are not known well by the true historical terms because of its well-known status in Pop-culture. To the shock that is reader’s Lewis Carroll was neither a hippie nor taking LSD or mushrooms as he wrote this tale. Rather, he had been rowing a boat in the calm current of a river that is small weaving an account to his young friends, the Liddell children. By examining Lewis Carroll’s disposition for children, Alice Liddell to his relationship, and the whimsical pseudo logic of his characters presents that the writer created a fantasy world where all act and think because of the intense imagination of children. Read more